Among the popular varieties of the lottery at online casinos are simulators and live games. The basis of Rich Palms online casino keno continues to be a ticket containing 80 numbers. When playing keno simulator, you can select 20 digits before the draw begins. One of the reasons this game is so popular is that you don't have to wait. Only a few seconds pass when you get your ticket and select a number until the draw begins. This means that people don't waste time, which is always a plus. Moreover, even inexperienced players can estimate how much they can win.

The table will show the payout multipliers corresponding to the total number of numbers expected.

Finally, another argument in favor of Rich Palms online casino keno is the opportunity to rip the jackpot unconventionally. Guessing all the numbers is by far the best keno game scenario, but even if you miss a few numbers, you still have a chance of winning. Surprisingly, in some cases, payouts go to those who don't guess a single number. It would seem that such an intricate set of rules would discourage players, but the popularity of Rich Palms online casino keno is only growing.

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Rules of keno

They are more convenient to consider on the basis of the standard version of the game, Rich Palms online casino keno. Lotto and keno games consist of 80 numbered items, each represented by balls or squares. Participants must predict the number of items that will be chosen during the lottery, usually 20, but some variants limit the choice to 10 or 15. Once the predictions are made, the RNG software generates a sequence of random numbers to determine the winning items. The lottery machine then selects 20 numbers to determine the winning combinations. The result obtained in Rich Palms casino games keno online is displayed in front of the gambler and then the amount of winnings is determined according to the payout table. For clarity, here is an example of payouts when selecting 10 numbers, according to the number of numbers guessed:

  • 0 - х2;
  • 5 - х5;
  • 6 - х30;
  • 7 - х100;
  • 8 - х300;
  • 9 - х2000;
  • 10 - х10000.

The multiplier is applied to the bet or ticket price. It will also be helpful to provide a brief instructions of how to play Rich Palms casino games keno online:

  • Get the number of tickets you need, or try your luck at the virtual slot machine.
  • Mark the numbers corresponding to lottery version 10, 15, or 20 on the box next to the rules. The random number function is a common feature of online keno machines, and it can be used.
  • Activate the Play button and wait for the machine to give you 20 numbers. Disable the animation to get the result immediately. The procedure may take longer if you use an advanced keno graphics simulator.
  • Check the number of digits on your ticket that matches those selected.

As stated earlier, the pay multiplier depends on only one parameter. It is the number of matching numbers. Before you start playing Rich Palms online casino real money keno, it is highly recommended to practice for free. This will allow you to do a demo keno game. With the same, you can develop and improve your own systems.

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Types of lotteries

Stability is crucial when it comes to keno rules. While some variation in terms of number selection exists, it is relatively rare. Generally, the difference lies in how many fields a player chooses, which can exacerbate compulsive gambling tendencies. As a result, the gambling sector has divided keno into two distinct categories.

The National Lottery Initiative is a large-scale event that offers participants the opportunity to potentially win up to a million dollars. Buying lottery tickets and selecting certain numbers are prerequisites for becoming a lottery participant.

A virtual keno lottery is a game of chance that takes place on a simulator or a live machine. In the first case allows access to the machine without registration and the game Rich Palms free casino keno online. Visiting the live machines is a privilege of online casino members.

Keno lottery strategies

None of the systems are foolproof, and it is important to recognise this fact. Unlike roulette, the lottery does not guarantee an unambiguous win with the Martingale system or even odds. Thus, each approach carries with it a degree of risk.

When play keno at casino online Rich Palms using the Dalamber method, the size of the online keno bet changes according to the results of the round. If ludoman loses, the amount of chips at stake is increased by a base unit. If he wins, the bet also decreases by this value.

The Martingale approach involves doubling your bet each time you lose. It works best on events with equal odds of success. Obviously, if you bet on one of two possible outcomes, it will eventually come to pass. By increasing the amount after losing, the next win will compensate for all previous losses.

The number line is a less risky approach than the Martingale strategy when play keno at casino online Rich Palms. The tactic does not promise an immediate return on lost money, but it is more flexible. The method consists in the fact that with each win the amount at stake is reduced by 2 base bets, with an unsuccessful outcome added, on the contrary, the value increases by one.

Catch-up strategy. It uses all of the previously discussed techniques. First selects a certain set of numbers and then the game is done only on it. Call it a tactic is difficult. A more accurate definition would be a recommendation. It is better to play keno at casino online Rich Palms on one set of numbers. This increases the likelihood of success

Tips for playing keno lottery

The basic rule when starting any of the web casino machines is to first try the demo mode. Keno lottery is no exception. Demo machine for beginners to help learn the rules, an experienced audience - to work out a successful strategy. In the transition to the game Rich Palms online casino real money keno, not recommended immediately to play in the big. It is better to start with small amounts. If you feel that luck favors you, then you can gradually or dramatically increase your bet. How exactly to choose you with your own intuition. The remaining set of recommendations contains the following rules of action:

  • Use a single set of numbers to manipulate the system.
  • To increase your chances of winning a large sum of money, place significant bets.
  • Make sure that you maintain a stable amount of funds in your online casino account, so that you do not go broke during your winning streak.
  • Avoid using systems that have not been successfully evaluated in demo mode.
  • It is recommended that you only turn to licensed emulators at reputable casinos.


Keno offers an adventurous gaming experience where unique rules and unpredictable results set it apart from others. Its most intriguing feature is the ability to win without predicting a single number correctly.