There are a very large number of different online gambling games at Rich Palms online casino. Quite a popular genre among them is online table gambling games. One of these is Rich Palms French roulette. The rules in this form of online roulette are quite different from its classic or American versions. But they were changed not for the worse, but on the contrary.

French roulette

How to play French Roulette

Like any other online gambling game, Rich Palms French roulette has its own rules that must be followed. As mentioned in this article above, it uses a special drum with a ball inside. There is also another flat field, which has all the same cells as in the drum. Namely, eighteen black cells, eighteen red cells, and one green cell. It is on this field that players can bet on the following categories of betting:

  • one, two, or four numbers;
  • black or red colors;
  • dozens of numbers;
  • a column or row of numbers.

Each of the above bets has its odds of winning. The less likely it is that the ball will stop on the category of cells chosen by the player, the greater will be his winnings on a successful attempt. A player can bet on several categories at once on the playing field, which will increase his chances of winning, but if only one category wins, it may not be very profitable for him. Also in French roulette online Rich Palms, there is one special rule. If the ball stops on a zero cell, bets made on other categories of cells are not considered to be completely lost and players lose only half of the amount they set. This rule greatly simplifies the game of French roulette and allows other players to win back.

Strategy with French Roulette

French Roulette rules are much more accessible to different types of players at Rich Palms online casino. It is even possible to play it with family or friends. For a fully immersive French Roulette game at Rich Palms online casino, there are live game modes with other players, as well as a game with a real dealer. Rich Palms French roulette with real money can be played with real money or casino chips with specific denominations.  You can also play it absolutely for free, which will help new users in this area to learn different strategies of the game. As well as other versions of roulette, French Roulette is played on a spinning reel with a small floating ball inside it. The player who guesses which field or category this ball will fall on wins. French Roulette is very popular at the Rich Palms online casino because of its quick play and simple rules. Each player has their unique strategy when playing French online roulette at the Rich Palms online casino. But we've put together some simple tips and strategies to help new French Roulette players get up to speed faster and get used to it at Rich Palms online casino. For a more comfortable game, users are advised to place small bets if they are unsure of their winnings.  Also, to increase their chances of winning, players can bet not on one particular number, but a group or category of several specific numbers. When playing French roulette at the Rich Palms online casino, it is also possible to win a major jackpot if the ball stops on the green zero cells.  Some professional players, in addition to betting on certain categories of numbers, put a small amount of cash on the zero at the same time. This gives them a huge benefit because if the ball does stop on the green cell, in addition to the large amount won, players get back half of the money they bet on other categories of cells. This is due to a special French roulette rule.

Strategy with French Roulette