There are a very large number of different online gambling games at online casinos around the world. At Rich Palms online casino, there are also a lot of them. One of the very popular categories of gambling there is online table gambling games. One of these is Rich Palms American roulette

American roulette

American Roulette Rules

This game is very popular in the online casino Rich Palms. It can also be played for real money. This online table gambling game at Rich Palms online casino has several designs and modes. The player can play it by himself, without dealers and other users, or with real dealers in real time. This game is very popular because of the high winnings and fast dynamic process of the game. You can also play for free by using the demo mode, but then you must remember that you can not win real money in this mode, as you will not make real bets.The rules of American online roulette are virtually identical to its classic version. But have several nice and advantageous modifications for users. In American roulette, the maximum betting limits have been raised, as well as the denominations have been changed. The essence of the game is that in a special circle in which there are eighteen red cells, eighteen black, and one green, rotates a special little ball. The winner is the player who placed a bet on the section of the field, in which the ball stopped. Bets in American roulette Rich Palms with real money can be made on the following fields:

  • one number;
  • two or four numbers;
  • a row or column;
  • red or black;
  • separate lists of fields;
  • zeros.

The more accurately the player guesses the field where the ball stops, the bigger his winnings will be. It is not necessary to bet only on one of the above categories of bets. It is possible to bet on several categories at once, but whether it is profitable for the player or not, he decides for himself.

Strategy with American Roulette

To play Rich Palms American Roulette games, you need to know its strategy in addition to the rules. We will give you some tips for playing it to make it easier for new players to start this online table gambling game. And maybe even experienced and professional players can learn something new. One of the main tips in the game of American online roulette is to bet small amounts, it will help players not to lose all at once, and allow them to win back in the event of failure.Also, a good strategy would be to bet on several numbers at once instead of just one. This will greatly increase the chances of winning for the user. You can also just bet on a specific color, then your chances of winning will be 50/50. There are many more different strategies in the game of American roulette. To get acquainted with them, you can watch live broadcasts of professional gamblers, or communicate with other players during the game in a special online chat. Thanks to him, more experienced users can share with you some tricks of the game. All these modes can find at Rich Palms online casino.

How to Play and the Winnings

How to Play and the Winnings

Rich Palms American Roulette Free Play has its odds of winning, just like all other online gambling games. In this game, they can range from 1:1 to 35:1. The odds depend on the field you've staked on, the lower the probability that the ball will stop on your chosen field, the more money you can win.  The highest winning odds you will get when betting on the green zero. In the game of American Roulette, this cell is only one, and the chances that the ball stop on it is rather small. How to play American Roulette online, you can find in this article. Above we described in detail its rules and strategies to increase the chances of winning.