Pulsar is a slot machine from RealTime Gaming played on a 3x5 grid with four special flashing symbols and cascading triumphs. The game itself is presented in the form of honeycombs with 20 fixed pay lines.

The whole theme of this slot machine is galactic, with planets and stars of different colors swirling around, giving you wins that can be as high as 50,000 bets per line! But let's check everything in detail, so read our Pulsar slot review to find out how to have fun and win at this game!


As we mentioned earlier, the Pulsar slot has 20 set pay lines. This means you can multiply your bet by 20, so your total bet can range from $0.20 to $100.

Pulsar is not a regular game because you won't find scatters, free spins, or wilds here. Instead, you'll find cascading wins and exploding neutron stars.

The cascading successes feature one of the most exciting in this game. This means that as soon as your combination is formed and a winning combination is depleted, other symbols appear, creating additional successes.

Neutron stars are a feature that spawns at a random location on the grid and explodes in a specific direction (horizontally and vertically, down or left to right). These stars have a certain countdown number (starting at 3) when they first appear. This means the player needs to spin the reels up to 3 more times from their first appearance before they disappear.

Pulsar Game Features


Winning in free Pulsar Slot depends on the number of matching combinations you complete and the most critical wins and neutron explosions. When participants reach a variety, a bonus-style cascading successes feature is initiated that switches game symbols and even results in additional wins as they fade and change. Pair Cascade Wins with exciting neutron blasts; you could be a big winner!

Although the Pulsar slot USA machine features lower volatility, it always shows good winning opportunities. The best combination gives 150 coins, and the bet is 150 times more than the slot. Remember that cascading wins can lead to more prizes as they move across the center game symbols, making multiple varieties attainable. However, as with any game, this kind of success is impossible to expect - that's the beauty of the slot game!

Betting Options and Functions

You can expect this slot style to offer some bonus features and free spins. One of the major distinctions between Pulsar slot game and other slots you may hold played is that you won't directly see free spins, scatter features, or wild rounds. Rather, the most suitable slot bonus you can anticipate at Pulsar slot online is the cascading wins and the multiple opportunities that those wins bring. These cascades and bursts of neutron stars are the closest bonuses you will get in this slot.

However, they certainly have their advantages. The benefit of the cascading win lies in its ability to move across the spinning symbols. As they spin, they can lead to more winning combinations and multiple-win payouts of up to 50,000 coins on a single spin. This could be up to 2500 times the original bet. Bursts of neutron stars are also worthy of attention, as each will bring a different type of prize. You can be the winner if you find a red, pink, blue, or green neutron.

Explosions in all directions get both excitement and anticipation to your spin.


The slot offers something further in times of gameplay that both fresh and old players will probably want. Its sci-fi theme and planetary pictures are fascinating and various. The unique game design and thrilling action points offer something distinct from what you might be employed to visiting in other slots.

While it lacks the usual bonus features like free spins and scatters, it creates up for them with compelling Cascading Wins features and striking neutron star features. This indicates that successes can reproduce relatively fast, maintaining excitement going.

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