The Gorilla Kingdom Slot is an animal-themed, video slot game created by NetEnt, one of the premier online slots game producers in the world. With a 5×3 gameboard, filled with high-definition graphics of gorillas and their kingdom, this game has all the necessary ingredients to transport players to a virtual exploration of the rainforest. Adding to the gaming experience are bets that range from 1 to 10, as well as the potential to win over 330,000 coins when playing at the highest betting level.


Exciting Gameplay & Features

Gorilla Kingdom slot machine online stays true to form when it comes to slot gameplay and features. On the reels, you will find symbols of high and low value, such as the red flower, lily, chameleon, parrot, and of course, the gorilla family. These symbols act as substitutes for one another in creating winning combinations. Wild GiGablox and Free Spins are the two main features of play in the Gorilla Kingdom.The Wild GiGablox feature can trigger at any given spin and will cause the reels to split into four mini-reels. Once this happens, giant symbols anywhere from two to five, appear on each of the mini-reels, resulting in massive wins and creating 52 different winning combinations.The Free Spins feature is triggered by the appearance of three or more Scatter symbols on the gameboard. During this feature, players can choose between three different levels of play – the Jungle, the Monkey Temple, and the Gorilla Kingdom slot machine itself. Each level unlocks exclusive bonuses and gives players a greater chance of winning.

Winning Potential

With the highest betting level set to 10 coins, players are eligible for a large progressive jackpot when playing Gorilla Kingdom slot app. Pocketing over 330,000 coins is no small feat – but one that is definitely achievable. There is also a ‘win both ways’ feature which increases the chances of winning big with every spin.

What is RTP?

Return to Player (RTP) is defined as the amount of money wagered by a player as a percentage of the total amount of money they will receive back from the slot over a specific period of time. In essence, it tells players what their overall average winnings will look like when they play a particular slot. It is important to note that the RTP is always an average figure, so it does not guarantee every player wins, but the higher the RTP the higher the likelihood of a player winning. 

Calculating Gorilla Kingdom Slot RTP

When it comes to calculating the Gorilla Kingdom slot RTP, NetEnt uses a number of different mathematical equations to figure out the exact RTP. They base the calculation on the frequency of wins, the size of the payout, and the amount of money a player has to bet in order to trigger a win. The higher the frequency of wins and the bigger the payout size, the higher the RTP percentage. Generally, online slots have an RTP percentage of between 92-97%. 


Analysis of Gorilla Kingdom Slot

Gorilla Kingdom slot demo is an online slot with an RTP of 96.03% making it one of the higher RTP slots available. It is a five-reel, four-row slots game with 1,024 ways of winning. It has a jungle theme and features a variety of symbols such as gorillas, parrots, toucans, and other animals. The slot also features a number of bonus features such as free spins and the Gorillionaire Win Spin – giving players the chance to win up to 8,000x their stake. 

Advantages of Playing Gorilla Kingdom Slots

The main advantage of playing Gorilla Kingdom slot machine is the RTP percentage. With a Gorilla Kingdom slot RTP of 96.03%, players have a higher likelihood of winning when playing the slot compared to other slots games. It also offers player’s plenty of bonus features which help to increase their chances of winning. The game also has great graphics and a pleasant theme making it an enjoyable experience for all kind of players.

The Quality of the Game

When it comes to slot games, the quality of the game is essential. Games like Gorilla Kingdom rely on a high-quality gaming experience. The Gorilla Kingdom slot game developers make use of superb graphics and sound effects that make it easy to become immersed in the game. Furthermore, the game is full of exciting bonus features that are sure to keep players engaged for hours. 

Underlying Mechanics of the Game

Another aspect that makes Gorilla Kingdom slot demo such a thrilling and successful slot bonus is the underlying mechanics of the game. The Gorilla Kingdom free slot is a grid-based, five-reel game with 1024 different ways of winning on each spin. This makes the game very interesting and exciting, as it is almost certain that gamers will find some wins, albeit small or significant. In addition, the game makes use of a wild symbol and free spins, all of which add to the game’s overall payouts.Overall, Gorilla Kingdom is an exciting online slots game that is sure to satisfy players. With gorgeously rendered characters and an infinitely exciting soundtrack, this game is ideal for hours of immersive entertainment. The Wild GiGablox and Free Spins features give players a real chance of striking it lucky with every spin. Plus, with up to 330,000 coins up for grabs for the one lucky spin, players have plenty of incentive to give it their all. Gorilla Kingdom free slot is a great online slots game with an impressive RTP of 96.03%. The high RTP along with a variety of Gorilla Kingdom slot bonus and Gorilla Kingdom slot jackpot features gives players the chance to win big. The game also has great graphics and a pleasant theme which makes it an entertaining experience for slots fans. For these reasons, Gorilla Kingdom is a great choice for slots fans who are looking for high RTP slots.

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